Compare Entry Door Materials: Fiberglass Vs Wood Vs Steel

Are you planning to shift to a new home? Or, renovating your old house? Whatever may be your plan; it has been seen that one part of the home which gets often neglected is the front door. However, front doors shouldn’t be neglected as they play an important role for any homes. It is the place which is first going to attract the attention of the visitors.

A front door not only sets the atmosphere of the home, but choosing the right door material can greatly improve the curb appeal of the home. Hence, when choosing between materials like fiberglass doors or wood or steel, decision should be taken carefully. Right door material can easily match with the décor of the house and would easily attract the attention of the guests as well as visitors.

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Picking the Right Door Material

When the question of choosing the right door material for the entry doors, one would get a wide variety of options. For many homeowners, price tags become a crucial part. Apart from pricing, another thing which one takes into consideration is the durability of the door material. If the door material is a rough and sturdy one, it could last for a long time. It is important to invest in a door style that would increase the value of the home. In this blog, you will get to know which door material would be perfect for one’s home.


Fiberglass doors can form an ideal entry door. They require low amount of maintenance. The versatility of fiberglass doors can help one to achieve a wood like finish. Unlike other door materials, fiberglass doors don’t expand or contract. Similarly, they won’t warp even during extreme humid weather. The doors are a great choice for entry doors. They are very durable and can form a great option than wood.

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If you are looking forward to make your entry doors look decorative, you can go for wooden doors. Wooden doors can come with great carvings and designs on them. It can be very pleasing to the eyes of the guests. However, when wooden doors are exposed to natural elements, problems can appear.

One can easily get imitate wooden look on fiberglass doors. However, it would need to be maintained properly. Occasional cleaning would make the doors look beautiful for a long time.


Another material option for entry doors is steel. If one looks forward to less expensive door solutions, this kind of door is ideal. The biggest advantage of using this kind of door is that it offers better security.

Steel doors like fiberglass doors are highly energy efficient. Thus, they can provide insulation against warm air. However, the only drawback of using steel for doors is that they can rust easily. Also, it remains prone to bending and when the doors start to bend, paint can easily get chipped off.

If you are looking forward to good quality doors which is durable and energy efficient, settle down for fiberglass doors. Still, you can talk to a professional before taking any decision.