Flat Roofing

Why Is Toronto Flat Roofing Better For Commercial and Residential Properties?

Whenever the question of creating an ideal property comes, the roof forms a crucial part of home design. Previously, flat roofs were the choice of commercial property owners. However, things have changed over the last few decades. Nowadays, commercial as well as residential property owners are considering having a flat roofing system for their building.

Most of Toronto city homes and commercial properties are opting for Toronto flat roofing system as they come with eco-friendly options and aberrant styles. The best thing about the flat roofing system is that property owners are provided with a wide array of surfacing options which can help to provide protection to their property.

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Flat Roof Trends in Toronto

One gets to see a variety of flat roof options for commercial or residential properties.

  • Built up Roof

It usually involves the implementation of hot asphalt on the roof surface. Toronto flat roofing experts suggest that three-four layers of asphalt should be applied on the roof.

  • Poly Vinyl Chloride Roofing System

It is basically plastic roofing. Roofing materials are mixed with plastic in order to create a flexible roofing system. This kind of roofing system is known for its stability.

Now, it’s important to see why flat roofing is so preferred by commercial and residential property owners.

Advantages of Having Flat Roofs

One of the growing trends among property owners is to install flat roofing system for their property. This is mainly because of its various advantages.

  1. Installation and Maintenance

Installing flat roof is very easy. It does not require much effort from the end of roofing expert. The maintenance of flat roof is very easy. Toronto flat roofing company can easily complete the maintenance or repair work in very less time.

  1. Functional and Attractive Design

The horizontal base of the roof can be fixed to the ceiling joists along with a waterproof membrane beneath it. The flat roofs can be pitched a few degrees in order to reassure proper drainage of rain water. The design of the flat roof is not only attractive, but also helps in utilization of the space.flat roofing toronto

  1. Utilizing Space

A flat roof can provide commercial and residential property owners with more space. With the additional space available, it can be used for storing thing or placing heating or cooling units of the whole building. It can be used for creating rooftop garden or installing solar panels.

  1. Less Material, Less Cost

Most of the Toronto flat roofing company will construct flat roof using asphalt or three-ply modified bitumen; along with few layers of gravel. This helps the roof to remain protected from the harmful UV rays. As the surface areas of these roofs are small, hence fewer amounts of materials would be needed. Thereby, it will also help in reducing the cost.

With the right roofing solutions, property owners can have peace of mind, as their property would remain secured. However, it is important to hire a Toronto flat roofing professional who will provide you with best roofing solutions.