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How to Choose the Perfect Pen for You?

Pen is one of the most important Toronto office supplies. People often tend to choose the wrong type of pen for the job. Sometimes, you like the look off the pen so you buy it only to find out that you don’t like writing with it. Thus, a smallest detail can bring about a great difference. If you know what you want from your pen, you will be able to avoid any kind of problems in the future.

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Decide the Type of Pen You Love

There are different types of pens and each of them offers different experience. It can differ from the wetness of the ink to the effect on the paper.

  • Ballpoint pens use thick and oil based ink. It dries up pretty quickly. You can use it on any writing surface. You need to apply a reasonable amount of pressure to write with ballpoint pen. The ink of these pens last longer.
  • Rollerballs are quite similar to ballpoint but have thinner ink flow. It is appears more smooth on the paper. However, it takes few seconds longer to dry.
  • Gel pens are another Toronto office supplies that can be used for writing on shiny and dark surface. This is generally used for crafting activities. The ink looks like rollerballs but dries up faster.
  • Fountain pens can slow you down. This will improve the appearance of your handwriting. The pens are luxuriously smooth. There is a wide range of bottle inks t chooses from.

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Decide How Thick You Want the Pen Lines

You need to consider what is the purpose of the pen Toronto office supplies that you will buy.

  • Fine point is good if you have small writing and want to make it easy to read. It can also be used for sketches, fine drawings, and technical drawings.
  • Medium point is suitable for all types of job. This can be used for everyday writing task. If you have large handwriting and want to draw diagrams then you should use medium point pen in your Toronto office supplies.

Consider If You Want Disposable or Refillable

You have to consider if you want to keep a pen or will happy to toss it in the dustbin when it’s empty. People tend to use disposable pens because you can carry them around easily without the problem of losing them. However, you will get refillable budget pens at the same price. Getting a value for money is also appreciated.

How to Want the Pen to Look Like?

In case you are looking for a pen which looks smart and you are using it only for showing off then metal body pens is the best choice. However, if you want pens at a cheaper price then you should opt for plastic body pens. It is good as long as the pen contains decent inks. Plastic pens are lighter and often has a grip. However, both the Toronto office supplies will be available in different styles and designs.

Do not forget to consider the price of the pens. Set a budget and follow it. Keep in mind that you are not going to the shop for some fashion wear. They are simply pens.